IT Services

Let us take care of it!

Internet Teams Ltd. possesses the know-how, people and tools to fully operate, administer, maintain and provision all of your networked systems. We keep the network up and running smoothly by monitoring the network to spot problems as soon as possible, before users are affected. You are welcome to contact us for a free site survey to determine if your organization can benefit from a monthly service contract.

Managed Servers
Desktops and Applications

Internet Teams Ltd. manages critical servers and the applications and services running on them remotely, using our advanced tools. Our certified network engineers possess the necessary expertise to proactively maintain and quickly troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise, so that mission-critical applications are always up and running.

Onsite and Remote Support

Internet Tems Ltd. has invested heavily in IT Management tools that enable our technicians to respond quickly to critical issues and/or emergency situations. We will respond and start working remotely on an issue within minutes of being notified of your emergency. For situations that requirean onsite visit to fix a problem, we will quickly dispatch a technician.

24/7 Network Monitoring Proactive Maintainance

Internet Teams Ltd. uses advanced tools to monitor every device on the network 24/7 and receive alerts before serious problems occur. These tools allow us to provide timely proactive support to your critical systems, regardless of their physical location. Internet Teams Ltd. is an advocate of network devices and systems regular maintainance, in order to avoid major outages and downtime. Over time, all networks, no matter how small, require regular maintenance. Our proactive maintenance services are affordable and well worth the investment.